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Want a breathtaking outdoor living area, walkway, patio or retaining wall? With amazing products and proper installation, you can have the hardscape you have always dreamed about.
Our work speaks for our commitment to excellence, and the satisfaction of our customers attests to our abilities.

We customize every job to suit the needs of each customer, from walkways to multilevel raised patios. Our team is ICPI as well as Techo-Bloc certified to be sure your job is done correctly and will stand-up to the test of time.  Whatever your dreams, J-Mar has the Solution!

Landscaping Installation

We do it all, from small yard to large 100 acre jobs. We love to lansdcape! Whether its one Tree installed, or 1,000 trees installed we can do it fast, efficient, and on the budet you want. We will install plants and trees that are low maintenance and are suitable for our growing region. We want to make your property esthetically pleasing while providing you with more free time.

Permeable Pavers

No more Pits, Drains, Catches, Puddles, Pipes and Wet areas!

Storm Water Managment Solution

Want to avoid costly permits and large seepage pits to contain your patio and walkway stormwater? 
Your township won't allow any more impervious surfaces on YOUR property? Many areas of the World are now enforcing and mandating permeable surfaces. Driveways, Parking Lots, Patios, Walkways, and even sidewalks are now gaining huge momentum. Permeable pavers allow the property owner to utilize more of their property with out having to install retention ponds or seepage pits.

Permeable pavers are the soulution! What was once considered too expensive or impossible can now be achieved in a variety of styles and colors too suit any taste.

Permeable Pavers are great for areas where pipes, pits, drains, and water run off cannot be achieved.

With each passing year, the EPA's restrictions on water management solutions on job sites become stricter.  Consequently, silt fences appear a thing of the past. An inferior product needing regular maintenance, silt fences are no longer an economical or even an effective choice. The future of erosion control lies in the use of silt socks.  These socks can be installed where silt fences cannot be. No more struggling with frozen ground, banks, hillsides, highly compacted rocky soils and not to mention on top of asphalt and concrete. Here are a few more benefits.

1. 50% more design capacity and flow through
3. Easy and simple removal. Simply cut and dump
4. Exceeds most federal standards
5. Little to NO maintance

Erosion Control Services
- Silt Socks
- Grading and Excavating
- Turf repair  (Athletic fields - Back yards)
- Blower Truck Services
- Terraseeding  (Steep Slopes - sensitive areas)
- Erosion Control Matting